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The Children’s Guild Alliance has been in the forefront of innovation, education and child advocacy since its founding more than 65 years ago by Dr. Leo Kanner, the Johns Hopkins professor who is considered the father of Child Psychiatry, Sadie Ginsberg, who launched the first therapeutic pre-school for children with special needs, and pediatrician Dr. Matthew Debuskey.

Dedication & Forward Thinking

Our dedicated team members work miracles every day in our classrooms and group homes, and in support of foster parents. They make the impossible possible. Making the impossible possible is never easy and the challenges our children face today require new technologies and approaches. It also requires advocacy at local, state and federal levels to ensure that policies and programs help and not hinder children.

America’s tomorrow depends on what we do for children today.

What happens in America’s classrooms will determine whether or not the United States continues to lead the world in innovation, builds caring communities and stands as a beacon of hope for the world. This is one reason we train hundreds of child-serving professionals across America every year, and even in foreign countries, through conferences, seminars, and coaching.

The Children’s Guild Alliance does more than just advocate, we intervene. We meet children and their families at the point of their needs and take the actions that will give children a chance to succeed in life and compete in a global economy.

To this end, The Children’s Guild Alliance is launching Kids First, a movement designed to transform the way America cares for and educates its children.

Over 65 Years of Service

Did you know The Children’s Guild Alliance has been serving children throughout Maryland and Washington, D.C., for more than 65 years, and friends like you have enabled us to serve more than 1.5 million children over that time?

This year also marks the 25th anniversary of Dr. Andrew L. Ross’s leadership as president and CEO. During his tenure The Children’s Guild Alliance has been one of the biggest success stories among Mid-Atlantic non-profit organizations:

Growing from a budget of $6 million to more than $88 million per year.
Serving a few hundred children in schools and programs to over 6,000 children per year.

Succeeding with children in all of our programs, when other programs failed. Since 2002, over 80 percent of the teens in our Therapeutic Group Homes are able to move to less restrictive environments, many returning to their own homes—far better than the national average.

Why Kids First?

People who visit our schools and group homes often remark, “Every child deserves an education like this.”

Which is why The Children’s Guild Alliance is launching Kids First. It isn’t enough for us to serve a few thousand children in Maryland and Washington, D.C.; millions of children in America need help. Through advocacy, intervention and professional development, The Children’s Guild Alliance is working every day to ensure that our children get the help they need. Many of you have supported our Cabaret for Kids, an effort that helped us raise more than $ 1.8 million. The challenges children face today demand a national response. Kids First is that new movement.

We would like to ask you to consider helping us inaugurate this worthy cause by becoming a campaign sponsor. Your gift will help reach more partners.

On behalf of the students, faculty, and board of directors, we thank you for supporting our Kids First Celebration.

With the assistance of friends and supporters like you, we can extend the remarkable successes of this stellar organization across the nation.