The Kids First movement is led by the following group of dedicated individuals focused on our mission of transforming the way America cares for and educates its children.

Honorary Chairs

  • Marie Caputo
  • Ted Bulow

Campaign Chair

  • Paul Rao

Corporate Gifts

  • Steve Baldwin
  • Paul Champion

Advanced Commitments Chair

  • Andrew Hahn

Campus & Program Co-Chairs

  • Kathy Lane
  • Kimberly Neal

Promotions & Social Media

  • Alexis Rice
  • Bonnie Heneson


  • Mellissa Logue

Vision Encounters

  • Duane Arbogast

Continuation Team

  • Jenny Livelli
  • Jillian Szczepaniak-Gillece

Special Events Chair

  • Claire Turberville

With the assistance of friends and supporters like you, we can extend the remarkable successes of this stellar organization across the nation.

Sponsorship Opportunities and Benefits