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A Virtual Event

Commemorating Our Legacy of Innovation & Transformation

Saturday, October 3, 2020 at 8 p.m.

Join us in supporting our Kids First national campaign to transform the way America cares for and educates its children.

Kids First in the Age of COVID-19

2020 Sadie Award Recipients
Guy E. Flynn & Nupur Parekh Flynn
Leaders in Innovation & Philanthropy

Support Kids First & Our Student Technology Initiative

Kids First, launched by The Children’s Guild Alliance, is a new vision to guide our future—a bigger vision, a fresh vision, a vision based on brain-based research, on the power of culture to transform, and on our track record of success. We need a new vision for children in America because the world has changed. For all children to thrive, they need an education adapted to serving the whole child and adapted to each child’s gifts, talents, and needs.

With COVID-19 distance learning, we are currently working to reduce the digital divide to ensure that every student in our schools has access to technology. We have embarked on a special and time-sensitive project putting Kids First during this crisis— supplying Chromebooks and internet access.

Countdown to the Virtual Celebration!