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Our Transformation Education culture sets us apart and has been putting Kids First by focusing on the whole child and exposing them to brain and project-based learning experiences in creative classroom environments.

The Children’s Guild Alliance continues to lead the way in innovation and advocacy for the needs of the whole child. That means our schools, group homes, and all our programs and services continue to serve as living models of what can be done to show our colleagues across America and around the world what it is like to put Kids First.

The projects chosen for the next three years are the result of meetings with teachers, counselors, clinicians, administrators, and parents—in short, all our key stakeholders, as well as through extensive research.


Your support will help us to:

Address the Needs of the Whole Child

Help a child thrive. A child’s social, emotional, and physical needs must be met for them to learn and succeed in life. A warm and nourishing breakfast, food to take home for the weekend, clean clothes that fit, or even a week of summer camp where they can discover nature, are often needs for the children who come to us, whether through our schools, group homes, or treatment foster homes.

Connect Each of our Students to a World of Technology

Open the world of technology to a child. The key factor in whether or not a child escapes poverty is connectivity, and we want to ensure that each child in every one of our schools is connected to a world of learning with a laptop. Equip educators and child-serving professionals across America to become transformative leaders. Provide an online platform of educational experiences for teachers, staff, clinicians, and families to get the help they need without ever leaving home.

Give the Gift of an Inspiring Learning Environment

Unlock creativity in inspiring learning environments. The aesthetic of a school triggers higher centers of critical thinking and unlocks creativity for children. Our environments have been a hallmark of our schools and are a key to Transformation Education.

Turn our Classrooms into Dream Factories

We must equip our educators with the power to unleash the potential in the children they educate. Our educators must attend conferences and have experiences to inspire and equip them to help their students achieve their potential and realize their dreams.

Build Your Legacy

Offering individuals, families, and corporations a simple, yet powerful vehicle for charitable giving.